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Whether you or someone you know is suffering from Parkinson's Disease, Essential Tremor, Dystonia or some other movement disorder, we work tirelessly to find the best treatment plan for your condition and for you as a whole person.  Coming from the best training the world has to offer, we pride ourselves on our depth of knowledge, our relationships to the most cutting edge treatment, and, most importantly, our compassion for our patients. 


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Dear patients –

 We are writing with sad tidings to inform you that effective March 13, 2019, Dr. Sarah Kempe-Mehl and Dr. Erin Presant will be closing our movement disorders neurology practice called Central Coast Movement Disorders Specialists. 

Over the past 24 months, private practice physicians have encountered increasing Medicare regulatory burdens/restrictions, which are now being felt most acutely by the smallest and most specialized practices, such as our own. These increasing requirements have steadily pulled us away from directly delivering patient care in clinic, and have had significant consequences for our business model. In addition, these changes will prevent us from being able to take the time in clinic we feel is necessary to provide comprehensive care for diseases as medically and socially complex as Parkinson’s disease. New Medicare changes would now require us to shorten our visit times to the point where we would no longer feel comfortable in the quality of care we could guarantee our patients. As physicians who want to provide high quality and safe care, these recent changes now significantly limit our ability to do this, and we feel that we can no longer operate with intergrity in this changing health care model.  

 Although it has been challenging, we have tried to keep our doors open as long as we could in the face of these many changes that are beyond our control. However, at this time we are no longer able to remain open. Therefore, Central Coast Movement Disorders Specialists neurology practice will regrettably be closing March 13, 2019.  

 We want to acknowledge that each of you had an expectation of us for being a resource for your neurology care and medication management for the future, and that our clinic’s closure will represent a hardship for many of you. 

 Please let the doctors and our staff know how we can help address the impact that our closure has for you, or your individual concerns, as we view it as our responsibility to make this as smooth a transition as possible for you – and we intend to do just that. In this way, we hope we may honor our word to provide you with comprehensive neurologic care for as long as we have together.

 We are concerned that without planning ahead there could be interruptions in your prescriptions, as we will not be able to refill them after 3/13/19. Please see the following pages for answers to many of the questions you may have regarding refills and how to go about transferring your neurologic care, and please let our office know how we can assist in your planning ahead.  

 We truly wish that circumstances were different, and that our small practice had been able to weather these nation-wide health care policy changes. It has been our great honor to care for you, and we are very proud of the high quality of neurologic care we provided. It is going to be an exciting era for patients with Parkinson’s disease in the coming years, with many new medications, discoveries, and changing care models being brought to light, and we had hoped to be able share in these new breakthroughs for Parkinson’s care alongside you. We thank you for your past partnership and allowing us to contribute to your health care. In turn, you have each contributed to our lives in ways we never had anticipated. We remain grateful for the relationships formed at our neurology clinic, and will miss being a regular part of your lives. While the future professional paths for each of us as physicians remain uncertain, we hope to explore ways in which we may continue to serve as resources for our community, even if it is no longer possible for it to look as we had originally planned.  

 Most sincerely wishing you good health over the years to come,

 Dr. Sarah Kempe-Mehl & Dr. Erin Presant